Just One More
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2008 09:58:32 -0700
From: Roary
Subject: Just One More - An Idea

I usually try to write things that are funny or poignant (or at least semi-poignant). But today I just have an idea. It's a simple idea, but we who love ferrets are just dumb enough to maybe give it a go. Here it is:

Our shelters are in deluge. This economy sucks. If I could, I would smack Wall Street and all the other irresponsible corporations being propped up by our government (which is *us*) upside the head for their greed and waste. I'm a big guy. It would be a hard smack. The amount AIG recently spent on a seminar for some BS "training" could probably have put most ferret shelters in the country in the black. And *we're paying for it*. Thinking about it annoys me to no end. Now, there is nothing we can do about these idiots, but maybe there's something else we can do.

Think how many ferrets we could save if as many ferret owners as possible would take in *just one more*. Not ferret shelters, mind you. That will happen without anybody doing anything, unfortunately. I would love it if shelters could take in *less*. That's the point. But if individual ferret owners could see it in their hearts to take in just one more, it would make a real difference. I know it would. Kinda like paying it forward.

Some of us (well, lots of us) have been victims of ferret math. Why not do it deliberately? My wife and I have taken in two that were going to the pound (or worse). We do not have money. We are not even "middle class." It will not be easy, especially if any of our guys get sick, but that was always the case for most of us anyways, eh?

Just one more, that's all I would ask. Many of us have already done this, but for ferret owners who are apprehensive about doing something like this, just give it a thought. If you have two ferrets, one more will not be that much harder. And if you have ten, well... you probably wouldn't even notice ;) One more is not that much harder if you think about it. And even if it is, where else are all these ferrets going to end up? We don't like to think about it. If you have it in your hearts to help ferrets in these tough economic times, think of how much it would help if those that could, or would, or would at least consider it, would take in just one more. Just one more.

I know it won't be easy. Maybe this is a stupid idea. Maybe I'm just spinning the wheels in my head. But the one you take won't end up dumped in the woods. The one you take won't end up on Craigslist. The one you take won't end up euthanized, abused, or neglected. That doesn't sound so stupid, does it?

Just one more. As many of us that could do it. Just one more. Nobody else is going to do it. Not the government, not Obama, not Animal Control or the Humane Society. They can't do it. Only we can. Just one more. They did things like this in the Great Depression. Everyone came together and helped each other. Maybe this is silly on my part. Maybe I'm being a bit emotional. But it is no worse for one to think this way than it is to turn one's head away from the problem as if it weren't happening.

Just one more. We could do this. Your thoughts?

35.246302 ~ -106.717857

PS: If you do decide (or have already decided) to take in just one more, I would love to hear about. My wife and I have already taken in two beautiful boys, and we (and they) couldn't be happier.