Fetish and Sidekick
or SideKick's Cookies

When SideKick who was Fetish's second cage-mate died,I was scared to death. They had always been inseperable, two peas in the same pod. I knew she'd suicide mourning him. Hoping to find someone else she would at least tolerate, I kept introducing different ferrets to her. Old ones, youngs ones, girls, boys, no one was suitable.

Finally one day in desperation and frustration, she sat me down. "Mom," she said, "I buried two husbands, I'm not having another!" After that I stopped trying to find her one. I thought she was content in her widowhood.

SideKick has been gone for 2 years now. He is buried in front of the woodpile they loved to play on together. Everyday she has taken him a cookie, set it on his grave, and lain there with him for awhile. Two years and she still takes him cookies, rain or shine, never missing a day.

Fetish herself is sick now, we believe with lymphoma. Somedays she is not strong enough to make it all the way out to their woodpile with SideKick's cookie. On those days I carry her out so she can give it to him and they can spend some time together.

She loved him very much. She still does.